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If you have been charged with domestic violence in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida call our experienced Orlando Domestic Violence Defense Attorney right away.

Domestic Violence is not a crime itself. Rather, that term describes the relationship that exists between the accused and the person they identify as the "victim." If you have recently been arrested for committing a crime against a family member, you are likely charged with a crime involving "domestic violence." You like are feeling embarrassed, angry and afraid of the consequences. In today's society, the State aggressively prosecutes crimes of domestic violence, period!

Types of Domestic Violence

According to Florida Statute 741.28, you can be charged with a domestic violence crime if you are accused of:

or any other criminal offense resulting in a family member being involved, hurt, or killed. A family member isn't only someone related to you by blood or marriage. For domestic violence, a family member can simply be a person with whom you have a child or a person you live or lived with, whether you were married to him/her or not.

In recent years, an offense called Domestic Battery by Strangulation was created. Under Florida Statute 784.041(2)(a) if you are accused of applying pressure to the throat or neck of a family member or blocked that person's nose or mouth to the extent that person's normal breathing was impaired, you can be charged with domestic battery by strangulation. This charge is a felony in the State of Florida and carries up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine!

If you have been arrested for, or accused of, any of these offenses, you need a criminal defense attorney that will examine the proof against you! All too often an arrest is made for this charge when the alleged victim merely tells law enforcement "he grabbed my neck." Domestic violence defense attorney Jack Kaleita and former Florida Felony Prosecutor will closely examine the evidence in order to protect your rights and defend you against such charges.

The State often resists dropping charges in these types of domestic violence cases, even if your family member wants the charges dropped! However, even though the State does not necessarily have to follow the family member's wishes, the law does require that the State Attorney listen to their position. Jack Kaleita can help you make your family member's wishes known to the prosecutor.

We frequently receive questions about domestic violence charges under Florida law. In an effort to help you obtain as much information needed as possible, we have compiled those that we think are the most commonly asked questions. So please feel free to visit our Domestic Violence Frequently Asked Questions page to find more information on this subject or contact us directly.

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DO NOT take a charge of domestic violence lightly. If you or someone you care about has been charged with domestic violence in Orlando, Central Florida or anywhere in Florida, call domestic violence defense attorney Jack Kaleita today! We have made every effort to be available when you need us the most. You may call us at (407) 831-7800 or Toll Free at (866) 422-7934. You may also fill out the online form provided at the top of this page or send us an email at jack@jackklaw.com, and we will get back to you shortly.


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