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Under Florida Statute 316.193, a person is guilty of driving under the influence or DUI if the person is


DUI Penalties - Florida Law

If you have been charged with a DUI, you face mandatory penalties.

For a first time DUI conviction:

If you are convicted of DUI twice in 5 years, your sentence will normally include:

If you are arrested 3 or more times, depending on how recently the last conviction was, for what would normally be a simple misdemeanor DUI offense, the State could still charge you with a felony. DUI, as a third degree felony, can carry with it up to 5 years in prison in the State of Florida and can also include a permanent drivers license revocation.

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If you are charged with DUI, you are going to need the services of someone experienced in all aspects of a DUI charge. In addition to being in private practice and defending DUI cases for almost a decade at this point, back during his tenure as a prosecutor, Orland DUI Defense Attorney Jack Kaleita spent 5 years as the Misdemeanor/Traffic Division supervisor, which means not only did he try those cases himself, he supervised a team of attorneys doing the very same thing. Who better knows the game plan of the prosecution that someone who used to teach it to them? Let his experience work to your benefit. Call Attorney Jack Kaleita right away at (407) 831-7800 or at (866) 422-7934 or send an email at jack@jackklaw.com for a free initial consultation.

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