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Criminal Defense Attorney and former prosecutor Jack Kaleita has dedicated his practice to criminal defense in the Central Florida area and throughout the State of Florida, and he is committed to protecting the rights of his clients and to fighting for their liberty.

Experience is critical in criminal cases. Mr. Kaleita has practiced criminal law in Florida for the last 30 years and is licensed in both the state and federal courts. As a former senior prosecutor, he is thoroughly familiar with how serious criminal cases are handled and prepared for trial by the government against the person accused. Today, he is recognized as an experienced criminal defense lawyer as well, having come to the aid of thousands of private citizens accused of crimes over these many years. His three decades of experience, now on both sides of the table, serve to provide his clients with insightful defense strategies and perspective available only through experience gained in the courtroom. As a member of both the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Attorney Jack Kaleita brings not only himself, but over a quarter of a century of experience to the defense table as your attorney.

The Law Offices of Jack A. Kaleita, P.A. handles all types of criminal defense matters for clients throughout Central Florida, including the cities of Orlando, Longwood and all its surrounding communities. Among the primary counties we serve are Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County, Osceola County, Lake County and Brevard County, however, we also assist clients throughout Florida.


Our criminal defense law firm in Longwood has handled thousand of cases, including:

When do I really need an Attorney….?

"I didn't do anything wrong! But, I got arrested anyway."

Circumstances can lead to anyone being falsely accused of criminal wrongdoing. Of course, it just makes sense to hire an attorney to fight false accusations. Remember, INNOCENT until and unless proven guilty -- not the other way around!!

"I was just there. I didn't know what was going on for sure or what they were really doing."

Sometimes, unfortunately, people make decisions that result in their becoming involved in the commission of a crime. However regrettable such a decision may be afterward, it is especially important to retain an attorney in these situations to protect your rights.

"Let's see how it goes first, before I spend the money for a lawyer. Besides, won't they just automatically do what's right – that's their job, right?"

People frequently want to "wait and see" what happens. This strategy, while seemingly logical, encourages the authorities to make decisions with only the facts supplied by law enforcement or those who may have an axe to grind and, NO, they don't "automatically" know, or do, anything! Isn't it just as important to have information that supports your position provided to those in charge of these decisions, if it can only help you? When you get us involved early on, before charges are filed or even an arrest is made, we can often speak to the prosecutor's office before formal charges are levied against you. We've all heard the expression, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." With an advocate there for you, what could otherwise be a "one-sided" decision can now become a fair decision. The playing field is more level when someone is there on "your side."

"OK, maybe I did do some things I shouldn't have, now what?"

An experienced lawyer can ensure that any legal defenses, as well as any extenuating or mitigating circumstances are effectively presented to the judge and/or a jury. Also, in this age of increasingly harsh criminal penalties and minimum mandatory sentences, it is important to reduce one's exposure to possible sentences. Common sense tells us that experienced and aggressive attorneys get results. Being thoroughly familiar with the legal issues involved in every case, fully investigating the facts, and identifying any problems with the evidence are all vital in resolving a criminal case more favorably.

If you've asked any of these questions, call us today. We have helped hundreds of people faced with the same situation, and would be honored to represent you.

Personal Service is Important

A common complaint we hear about attorneys is that once they have been paid by the client, they cannot be reached to discuss the client's case. We understand how important communication is when representing clients accused of committing a crime. Clients need to know where they stand at all times, so that they can properly consider all of their options. For this reason, Mr. Kaleita strives to be not only effective as a defense attorney, but to be available and responsive to his clients as well. Initial office consultations are normally free and his office hours can be flexible. He returns telephone calls promptly and keeps his clients informed on the status of their case - in short, he provides ongoing counsel to his clients. As an informed consumer of legal services, you need to be certain that you have chosen a law firm where you will be satisfied not only with the representation, but with the service as well. With this criminal defense law firm, you get the opportunity to have both.

Contact our Longwood Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you or someone you care about has been charged with any type of criminal offense anywhere in Orlando, Longwood or anywhere in the Central Florida area, call us as soon as possible for a consultation. Our Seminole County law firm is conveniently located just off Interstate 4, in Longwood, minutes away from downtown Orlando, and easily accessible from every direction. We are available at (866) 422-7934 or (407) 831-7800. You may also send us an email at We are committed to protecting your rights.

We are accessible: Calls are received through our toll free number 24 hours a day and Mr. Kaleita is available after hours for consultation if necessary. Consultations for clients still in jail can also be arranged. We look forward to helping you with your legal needs.

We are Affordable: There is no charge for an initial consultation at our office regarding a criminal matter. Additionally, individual payment terms may be available based upon your particular financial situation. Payment may also be made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.


5 Star Reviews


Attorney Jack Kaleita focuses on his client’s futures, and has received numerous 5-star reviews from them. Below are the most recent ones. Please follow the link to read more reviews!

  • December 11, 2018

    ★★★★★ Posted in Google by WV

    Mr. Kaleita is an Amazing and Excellent Criminal Law Defense attorney. He knows the law and knows it exceptionally well. He fights hard for his clients and doesn't make false promises. Mr. Kaleita is one of the hardest working and most organized attorneys I've ever met. On top of that, his team is top notch. I strongly recommend Jack for anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.

  • December 7, 2018

    ★★★★★ Posted in Google by KR

    I would highly recommend Jack! He is absolutely amazing and so is Michelle! I am truly blessed to have found them, not only did he get me through my troubles , Jack is extremely caring and very personable. He will have your best interest!!!!

    If your looking for the best. Go to Jack!!!!!!!



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